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After the trial, upgrade to an annual or monthly contract. The more users you add, the lower the rate.

  • Unlimited teams, meetings and guests

  • Easy upgrade
  • No notice period

  • Pay monthly via SEPA Direct Debit for the number of users within your organization

Additional benefits for annual contracts:

  • discount on our in-company meeting training

  • discount on our implementation support

  • discount on our meeting analysis.

Number of users Rate per user (excl. VAT)

1 – 5

€ 7,50

6 – 10

€ 6,00

11 – 25

€ 5,25

26 – 50

€ 4,50
Number of users Rate per user (excl. VAT)

1 – 5

€ 10,00

6 – 10

€ 8,00

11 – 25

€ 7,00

26 – 50

€ 6,00

More users? Special demands?

  • Fixed fees and payment on account

  • Implementation support and user training available

  • We will make a customized proposal for you

Custom solution for your organization

Tailor-made offer

This is how it works:

  • In OnTopic Connect, you can create as many organizations as you like – for example for your business or sports club. You can also be added as user to other people’s organizations.

  • Every organization has its own subscription, starting with a 30 day free trial subscription.

  • If you don’t upgrade to a paid plan after the trial period, your organization’s team(s) wil be archived automatically. Meetings will remain available ‘read only’ and you can no longer add users. You can always upgrade later and reactivate archived teams.

  • If you want your organization or team to stay connected after the trial period, simply upgrade to our annual or monthly plan. Under either plan, you will be billed monthly for the actual number of users.

  • You control the costs: you can select who can add new users and you can always remove users.

  • If someone else adds you to another organization as a user, it doesn’t cost you anything.

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