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New: remote meetings – create your team’s Virtual Meeting Room with one single click!

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Meetings connect people and teams – but only if they’re all on the same page.

That’s why smart teams join OnTopic Connect: one single platform, one standard workflow for all meetings – even across organizational boundaries.

Millions of meetings. One platform. OnTopic Connect.

Save time

OnTopic Connect automatically generates and publishes your agenda with all relevant topics. Forget about creating and emailing agendas manually! OnTopic Connect even connects to your online calendar to send out meeting requests, and processes all replies in real time. After the meeting, it takes only one click to publish the full report. Optionally, send agendas and reports by mail directly from OnTopic Connect. It’s that easy!

Stay ‘on topic’

OnTopic Connect presents all information on a topic in one single view: explanation, personal notes, minutes (including minutes of earlier meetings), actions, decisions and attachments. This allows to prepare and run your meetings more efficiently than ever before.

New: OnTopic Connect calendar sync!

For all devices

OnTopic Connect is a web-app that lives in the cloud. That means that it’s available to you in all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge. It even works in the browser of your smartphone. This allows you to prepare meetings, manage actions and read minutes while on the road. Layout and navigation will automatically adjust to the size of your screen – no need to install or update anything.

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Live Support Chat: help is always just a click away (though you’ll rarely need it)

Time for action!

In OnTopic Connect, you assign actions to team members. In between meetings, action owners report on the progress or mark their action ‘done’. This means that your action list is always up-to-date, saving you valuable time during the meeting. All status updates and changes are recorded in a smart action log. Your team has never been more productive!


Your corporate memory

In OnTopic Connect, full history of a topic is always at your fingertips. What did we discuss last month? What was the status on this again? Wasn’t somebody supposed to do something? What did we decide on this – and why? No more need to dig through tons of email to find that old report – OnTopic Connect has your back.

You’re invited

In most meetings, only a few topics are relevant to all invitees. That’s why, in OnTopic Connect, you invite guests only to those topic that matter to them. A huge time-saver for you and for your colleagues! And rest assured: all invitees will only see the topics that they’re invited to.

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Professional lay-outs

Some team members may prefer to receive agendas and reports as good old documents. They will appreciate the document generator: OnTopic Connect generates professional grade agendas and reports in PDF format. Invitees can download or print their own, but you can also send them from within OnTopic Connect – in only a few clicks.

Calendar synchronization

Meetings you create in OnTopic Connect automatically appear in your online calendar. Your calendar sends out event invitations. OnTopic Connect shows all replies to the invitations. Changes to date, time or location of a meeting are synced between your calendar and OnTopic Connect. Invitees added to your online calendar will automatically be added to your meeting as guests – without access to any topics. You can then assign topics to them in OnTopic Connect. Simple… and safe!

And much, much more!

And there’s more… much more! When we say that OnTopic Connect is the world’s smartest meeting and collaboration platform…We actually mean it!

Your information is secure

Your meeting information is confidential. That’s why we do everything within our power to earn and keep your trust. Your data is stored on servers within the Netherlands, in a certified data center. We are fanatical about security, backups and monitoring. Of course, the connection between your browser and our servers is encrypted. Your data will never be accessed by or sold to any third party, nor will we use it in any other way. Within OnTopic Connect, you and you alone decide who has access to your information. Read more.

Sublime support

Getting started with OnTopic Connect requires no technical implementation. You and your team members join our smart platform in a few clicks. The use is equally simple: most users and even team admins are able to use OnTopic Connect without any instruction. Still, larger organizations sometimes ask us to support them in the company-wide introduction of OnTopic Connect. That’s why we offer on site implementation support as part of our larger (custom) plans.

Of course, all users have full access to our in-app Live Support Chat. Our support staff is always available to help you and your team members. One less worry for your own support desk!

One less worry for your own support desk.

OnTopic Connect compared to your current meeting support tools

Your investment…

While joining OnTopic Connect will save your team – or even your entire organization – tons of time and money, your investment is remarkably low: for annual contracts, the monthly fee per user is €7,50… or lower.

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